The personnel of the centre has a long experience in the attention fisioterapeútica.

We work of interdisciplinary form so much in the own centre as with the doctor that spends to the patient.

In Fisiotek stands out the technical and human capacity of the personnel, as well as the spirit of squad to obtain the maximum efficiency terapeútica, watching the evolution and the response to the treatment in each case.

The squad of professionals of Fisiotek is formed by:

Javier Berruezo Giner and Marc Chain Sánchez

The centre constitutes a functional unit of treatment that offers a better and more sympathetic attention to the clients.

Our vision of the Physiotherapy is the one to effect personalised sessions to each patient, do not exist treatments “protocolizados”, neither masificados. All the treatments efectúna of form individualizada devoting a fisioterapeuta to the treatment of the patient during the session.

With all this pretend that the reincorporación of the patient to the life sociolaboral was the most effective and fast possible.



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